Engineering and equipment for material handling

HELIOS is specialized in the development, production and marketing of equipment for material handling in the plastics industry worldwide - 
 from raw material production and compounding up to resins processing.

The product range begins from
 industrial dischargers for Octoboxes and  BigBags going on to
pneumatic conveyers and dedusters up to plastic resins dryers as top-mounted dryerstand-alone dryer and batch dryer station.
Guaranteed: "Made in GERMANY".

The equipments are applied in different industrial sectors and applications, such as plastics-, automotive- electrical, medical and chemical industries.
Since 1982,  HELIOS is one of the leading manufacturers of equipments for material handling in the plastics industry  basing on trendsetting technology.

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themed, HELIOS is continuously setting new industry standards worldwide by new and further developments.



  • the first batch dryer for plastic resin and masterbach with 2 to 12 independently working drying stations.



  • the first unmanned top suction discharging system for commonly used bulk bags (such as octobox, bigbag, FIBC, supersack) applicable for bulk material range from freely flowing plastic resin to poorly flowing regrind.





  • the first compressed air based light weight hopper loaders of borosilicate glass. Roundly viewable, resistant against abrasion, light weight.



  • the first deduster for resins with ionized air, placed directly on the processing machine




  • the first compressed air based plastic resins dryers (small lots dryer, micro size dryer, top-mounted dryer, stand-alone dryer) equipped serially with patented digital pneumatics and highly developed software with large scale plastics data base enabeling drying capacities and plastic type specific settings as well as dew point measuring.

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