HFM 15 - 30

Vacuum Conveyors

HFM vacuum hopper loaders


 Basic equipment


Abrasive bulk materials – such as glass fibre reinforced plastics resins, glass fibres etc. – wear conventional hopper loaders of Aluminium cast or stainless steel within a shortest period. Therefore HELIOS build vacuum hopper loaders of extremely wear-resistant borosilicate glass. Among the high-resistance to abrasion, the conveyed material is also 100% visible all side enabling control of conveying process at any time.
Helios vacuum hopper loaders provide:
  • combined with a single control incl. a vacuum generator a single conveying unit and
  • combined with the HELIOvac software a centralized conveying system


  • parts in contact with conveyed material of highly wear-resistant borosilicate glass and INOX
  • top can be opened for easy cleaning
  • conveyed material is separated from conveying air without filter
  • removable filter disc between glass hopper and loader top
  • top can be closed by using 1 quick lock fastener only
  • switch box with plug socked for adaption to centralized conveying control, probe and mixing valve
  • separate ON/OFF toggle switch
  • material inlet pipe DN 50/65 mm, vacuum inlet pipe DN 50mm
  • stable support handle
  • HELIOS quick sliding guide system:
    • vacuum sealed adaption on the pusher rail (type S)
    • flange for mounting on an intermediate container/ dryer hopper (type K)
  • adapter for conveying pipe diameters DN45, DN40 or DN38
  • DN45, DN40 oder DN38
  • quick couplings for adaptation to vacuum and conveying pipe
  • filter disc with fine or coarse mesh size
  • PE-sinter-candle filter inside
  • folded filter inside made of polyester
  • positively controlled discharge flap
  • single control unit or
  • Heliovac® software
  • Vacuum station


Single control unit

HFM 15 - 30

to control

  • 1 HFM hopper loader
  • 1 vacuum station
  • 1 mixing valve


HFM 15 - 30  


Vacuum hopper loader
Vacuum stations
HFM 15 - 30  HV 1,5-6,4FU HVK mit Sicherheitsfilter 
  •  15 liters
  • weight: 10,5 kg
  • electro magnetic pulse via valve
  • 700mm
  • height: 750/1090 mm
  •  30 liters
  • weight: 20,5 kg
  • electro magnetic pulse via valve
  • 700mm
  • height: 1030/1370 mm
  • HV-1.6kW - HV 6.4kW FU

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  • HVK-2.2kW - HVK-9.0kW

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